Screenprinting Research

  • Step 1: The design is created.
  • Step 2: The screen is prepared.
  • Step 3: The emulsion is exposed.
  • Step 4: The emulsion is washed off, creating the stencil.
  • Step 5: The Item Is Prepared For Print.
  • Step 6: The ink is pressed through the screen onto the item.
  • Step 7: The product is dried, checked and finished.

Artists who Specialize in screen printing:

Benjamin Rider:

Broken Fingaz:


Three designs i’d consider screen printing

My Photography Logo


Career Tree

  1. Which photography related career(s) are you most interested in? I’m interested in being a real estate photographer, like taking pictures of homes with clean quality.
  2. After doing some research on the career, what are some of the job responsibilities? Some of these job responsibilities include scheduling photo shoots with clients and property owners, preparing properties for photos and taking high resolution images of interiors and exteriors of properties.
  3. What is the basic salary (in the location you would like to live in? Prices can vary depending on location, but the national average for a salary is $53k, a full-time real-estate photographer can earn 50k-150k and can earn a bit more with a team.
  4. What interests you about this field? I would really like this career. I love taking pictures and getting opportunities to take pictures of aesthetically pleasing homes sounds interesting to me. I really like interior design.
  5. What education and skills would you need to get a good job in the field? Being a rea-estate photographer doesn’t require any formal education or a photography degree. You can be a high school dropout or have a college degree; it doesn’t matter. Just as in the regular job world, once you’ve had even one job, the next employer hires you for your experience. As long as you know how to work a camera professionally then you’re set.

Motion Blur

5 tips I learned about motion blur:

  1. I learned to make use of my surroundings. Playgrounds have many opportunities to make good motion blur pictures like round-a-bouts and swings.
  2. Photographing cars passing by or placing a camera outside your car is a good idea for a motion blur project.
  3. Go to fairs. Fairs have many colorful lights and fast-moving rides.
  4. To be creative, start with an Umbrella shot. Using a colorful umbrella can create spiral looking patterns.
  5. Go down a busy street, with everyone moving the motion blur can make it look like everyone is blending in with one another.

Jump Start Your Photography

10 ways a photographer can get inspired:

  1. Recreate the Style of another photographer: Recreating the style of another photographer or artist can help you get inspired and give you ideas. You can also add some of their elements into your style to make something new!
  2. Listen to music: A good song can help you get more ideas. You take pictures that go along with the song or make a story using the song lyrics in your photography. Or you can just use the music to get you pumped up and in the mood to create!
  3. Shoot an ordinary item seven different time: Try out different angles and pose your subject different each time if you can! This allows you to be more creative and make more use out of simple objects.
  4. Photograph your food: Everyone loves their favorite foods. Some foods look aesthetically pleasing. Take a picture of your meal and edit it and make it even more appealing!
  5. Take a self-portrait:  In the end, you’re your best subject and nobody can display your beauty and show it of better than you. Be your own photographer, subject and critique. It allows you to put more on the table and use your creativity entirely.
  6. Take on a photography challenge: There are many challenges online that can put your creativity to the test. There could be many techniques you never tried before and challenges can help you learn more about your camera.
  7. Read an art magazine: Art magazines can offer photography equipment and trigger new ideas with the artwork they display.  Magazines are so full of inspirational stuff and free to use ideas.
  8. Go through CD covers: CD and album covers often have pictures that are related to the theme of the album, try and make your own. Make an album cover for your favorite albums by other artists or go for a theme that speaks to you.
  9. Shoot a sporting event: Many historical moments happen in sporting events. Photographing an event can offer opportunities to catch a good shot and you have plenty of time to capture pictures of your favorite teams.
  10. Join a photo walk: Interacting with other photographers can help you learn more techniques and gain new ideas. Some photographers might see something you’re not and vice versa. So, photo walks with others are the perfect experience to get inspired.


Digital art in the style of Sandy Skoglund

This is my photoshop work inspired by Sandy Skoglund! I think this is probably my favorite photoshop piece this year. I don’t think I added as much detail as Sandy Skoglund’s work, but I’m proud regardless.

This piece by Sandy Skoglund is my favorite. I am such a big fan of contrasting colors, and what stands out to me is how Sandy makes every single prop. It tells the person viewing the photo just how much effort was put into it. Sandy has a unique style of photography using colors to show the mood of the picture. Blue is a bit of a sad color, while orange symbolizes happiness. I can only assume one person is sad while the other is happy or optimistic. I could be digging in to this too much, but that’s what this piece means to me. I love pictures that can stir up many emotions and feelings inside the person seeing it.